~ Bliss ~

02 /28 2011
Your skills should be directed only towards yourself.
Only then can you experience a moment of supreme bliss...

Many ways to start the day....

02 /03 2011
On this morning there's no need for any of survival skills....
Since the last time i was here alone they are nothing special but together they become something i wonder...your never get lonely wondering around the scrub out here.
There is nothing more wonderful than ever seen. Your incredible journey with high spirits and something.
As one of the greatest wonders of the world.
You never know what's around corner out here...... God Bless You

The time has not come yet .....

01 /09 2011
When the time comes, take action... be sure to take good care of yourself in this cold weather in home but hot weather in Sydney. Summer is the best season to be in close contact with nature and try to live nature.
Most thoughts are expressed by words but... wait for an opportunity. According to circumstances, may go by self. Whether go or stay is up to you... thought is progressive.

シドニー不動産 ☆ 天空(雅号): http://www.heiseirealty.com.au/

これまでオーストラリア NSW州政府公認 法人免許 総合不動産会社として1986年よりシドニーを中心に幅広い分野で海外移住のサポート、事業投資、日本の企業、個人を問わず様々な方々と多岐にわたる事業を通じて和食レストラン出店開業・飲食店の立ち上げのお手伝いをしてきております。

■■■ 旅人☆旅先のシドニーでおいしい!かわいい!!カフェ・和食レストラン・ファッションとローカル情報いっぱい満載! ■■■


■現在SYDNEY在住の日本男児、信州 郷里 御諏訪太鼓の里より地道な本能的演奏活動を展開中~ 進むべき道を切り拓く、
“ 御諏訪版水戸黄門/遍路風土風情録 ”島から大陸へ大陸から島へ行ったり来たり.... の道標“みちしるべ”■

Photo by Helen @Ayers Rock, Uluru-KataTjuta National Park
on Sep/2006.  (AUSTRALIA : オーストラリア連邦国)

■~ 信濃之国一之宮諏訪大社奉納 無形文化財 御諏訪太鼓を奏する旅 ~■

【車の荷台へ太鼓を積み最寄の町“Alice Springs”から南へ500km車を走らせる・・・】

眼前に広がる赤土の景観と大地の営みに感動 .......


■~ 諏訪人の雄叫び 元祖 御諏訪太鼓 奏■

■*** UNESCOユネスコ世界遺産 ***■
世界最大の一枚岩の神秘、大地の恵みと共に元祖 御諏訪太鼓以奏ス】

やろうとして心働かせれば、そこに心止まる....... 静
流れる水は腐らない....... 動】

【In 2008, the distance between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California, U.S.A is 7,487 miles (12,049 km). Logged over 40,000kilometres from their front gate in Sydney to North America as U.S.48states, Canada and Mexico on a 55days own road trip】......◆全米・全豪☆独走、独創、独奏、独道の旅路☆本来無一物 謝謝◆

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